Leadership - Executive CoachIt isn’t possible for a leader to know everything. An executive coach helps leaders to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for self-awareness and personal growth.

Mediating Conflicts – Learn valuable communication skills for helping others to resolve their own conflict through a process that recognizes that each disputant is the expert of her/his conflict and has some responsibility for resolving it with some assistance.  This workshop is particularly useful for owners of small businesses, HR employees, managers and supervisors.

Comprehensive Mediation Training – This very interactive workshop meets the standards required by WAM (Wisconsin Association of Mediators) to become a mediator.  The skills learned in this workshop are invaluable for everybody who has to work with anybody else.  Learn how to listen for what people are trying to say despite the words they use.  Learn how to communicate in a way that respects diverging opinions.  Learn how to transform conflict into opportunities for learning and growth.

Managing Conflict at Work – The best way to manage conflict is to prevent as much as possible through transparent and clear communication.  Consider the cultural mores in place within your organization and what that communicates about your response to conflict.  Learn best practices for creating processes and procedures for airing grievances that employees and leaders embrace because they are fair, respectful, timely and efficient. Improve employee engagement, trust in management and workplace productivity. Eliminate workplace bullying!

Ethical Communication – Effective communication requires much more than simply speaking and listening.  Learn my definition of Ethical Communication and how it can help to prevent many of the most common conflicts that occur in the workplace and in personal relationships.  This presentation or workshop is designed for anybody who is responsible for others within the workplace and for anybody who is in a challenging relationship.  It is also available through coaching.

Communication Skills for Leaders – Leaders role-model what they value and what they expect when they speak and act and also when they fail to act.  Learn how to communicate what is important to YOU in order to both better achieve your goals and to increase efficiency and loyalty among your employees. This content is available through an executive coach and/or through workshops.

Dealing with Difficult Employees and Vendors – Learn through this presentation or workshop some very useful skills for interacting with difficult people who can drain your energy and challenge your desire to be uniformly respectful and supportive. If you interact with employees OR clients, customers or patients with whom it is difficult to communicate because they don’t listen, or don’t appear to care about what you are saying, or because they are so angry they are intimidating – this information will be very useful.

Customized Culture Diagnosis – Please contact me for more information about the type of assessment and diagnosis services I provide that can give your entire organization insight into your culture and how that impacts what is working well, what is not working well and some specific suggestions for improvement. The reviews are particularly useful for middle-aged or well-established organizations that may no longer question, or even recognize, many of the organization’s cultural mores that exist and that may stifle creativity, continued learning and flexible responses to changing demographics. I work with leaders and decision-makers to create workplaces that reflect an integrity of practice and respect for everybody with whom that organization interacts. Whether your organization is experiencing a great deal of change or feels stagnant – a cultural diagnosis provides valuable insight into how your past is impacting your present and will impact your future.


If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for in this list of workshops, presentations, and cultural reviews, please fill out our contact form and let us know how we can be your executive coach!