I offer a variety of services including workshops and presentations, conflict management coaching, review and creation of conflict management strategies, review and deliberate construction of organizational cultures that promote ethical leadership, employee engagement, quality of service and a flexible response to changing circumstances in your market and/or community.


I am available to coach employees and/or leaders regarding effective communication, ethical communication, conflict management and leadership.

Workshops and Presentations

I am able to provide training, skill-building and educational workshops on a variety of subjects and for particular audiences including: workplace, executive development, schools and universities and government employees. I can also customize training based on your needs.

Mediation Training

I can offer a full 40-hour mediation training or a more limited training depending on your needs and interests. Mediation is a collaborative conflict resolution process that is very useful in a wide variety of contexts.


I am available, on a retainer basis, to act as an impartial and confidential problem-solver (ombudsperson) for either your employees or for your customers/clients/patients/constituents. Adding this position external to your hierarchical decision-making structure increases the likelihood that your employees will seek help from the ombudsperson and problem-solve constructively rather than hiding concerns out of a fear of either retribution or poor performance review. Having somebody in this position and available to employees leads to an increase in employee engagement and employee retention because employees are encouraged to seek help with interpersonal disputes and then to move on. In addition, an ombudsperson is uniquely positioned to share with organizational leadership recurring structural problems within the organization’s systems while maintaining the confidentiality of the people who have brought this to her attention. An Ombudsperson is exposed to the weaknesses and problems in communication that occur on a regular basis and about which leadership is often unaware.